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Trinity Groves is a land assemblage of over 80 acres, directly at the foot of the new Margret Hunt Hill Bridge. It is entitled with over 9 million SF of floor space, consisting of office, hospitality, retail/restaurant, and mixed-use multi-family uses. Since its Inception in 2011, US Energy Experts LLC has proven to be an invaluable asset to us, as the assemblage includes over 350 meters. Freddie has been instrumental in working with Executive Leadership learn. ONCOR and Retail Energy Providers in managing our energy requirements and has been able to 'bundle' our energy packages in efforts to continually negotiate the best most economical option for all our projects energy needs... while making managing this part of my business 'seamless! His Company is totally hands-on and has always provided the absolute best service we could hope for in an energy Broker. Trinity Groves is a long-term vision concerning total build-out, but we have every intention of making sure US Energy Experts is by our side for the entire process.

Jim R.

Development Partner, Mixed Use Development 

It has been our pleasure to work with US Energy Experts for almost 7 years now. They have been instrumental in researching and procuring extremely competitive energy resources for our multiple operating locations, as well as our corporate office. Freddie and his team have been proactive in communicating expected market conditions, contract renewals, and opportunities for bundling our energy requirements for the best possible pricing. We have benefited from their expertise and resourcefulness in procuring our energy solutions and we look forward to a continued relationship with US Energy Experts.

Adam R.

Chief Executive Officer, Restaurant Industry

As a director in construction development, electrical power is one of the most vital components in completing our projects on schedule. Depending on the location of our build outs, the various cities have different energy companies to work with and Freddie, from US Energy Experts, is an incredibly important asset to us. He gets power to our job sites by coordinating all the necessities in a timely manner. We always feel confident in the job knowing we will get power exactly when we need it, headache free when Freddie is on it. It doesn’t matter what city or even state the project is in, Freddie can get anyone power. Freddie handles all the details while still providing the best energy rates for our clients.

Samantha K.

Director of Construction Management, Construction Industry

Freddie Coleman, President of US Energy Experts, LLC was able to look at my electric usage history and recommend the best company for my needs. He has continuously managed and negotiated the best rates on my behalf of me as well as a dozen or so referrals that I was happy to introduce them to Freddie. Each one of my friends, family and clients has raved about their experience. Several of these folks reported that Freddie not only took the time to explain the inner workings of the industry but the whys on his selections of power for them. He has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars over time.
Freddie thank you for your great work and friendship

Mark G.

Managing Partner, Financial Industry

I have been working with U.S. Energy Experts for 3 years now. I am a business owner that has a few locations. Tommy contacted me and we tried their approach to energy. We were able to save over 20% on the first two locations. Since then I have also listed another location and even did a couple of residences. U.S. Energy Experts have been concerned on our large locations and small locations. They seem to treat them all the same. We continue to work with U.S. Energy Experts because they relate our business model to theirs. U.S. Energy strives to work with the customer and get the best deal in the market place. I especially like the ability to be able to talk to one of the representatives and owners. I would recommend U.S. Energy Experts.

Tim A.

Owner and Investor

It has been a blessing meeting Freddie and Yvonda Coleman at US Energy Experts. It has always been difficult to call on everyone needed to get temporary meters up and going but it is as simple as a call to them now. Working in different Cities for new ground up projects it save us a lot of time getting things going. Their team is on the ball and follow up at every step of the process to completion. It is very simple and quick to establish power on new job sites and then provide my clients the same smooth service to establish permanent power at a fair market price.

Christopher R.

Owner / Construction

Cloud 9 Salon and Spa made the decision to switch our electric service a little over three years ago. Our monthly bill decreased over $1000! The salon has to cool over 8000 square feet and supply electric for lots of blow dryers and other electric devices so a savings this big adds up. In fact, we were able to hire an additional employee with our savings.
The funny part is when we were approached we were very skeptical. We had tried private energy companies before and got burned! Our relationship with US Energy Experts has been satisfactory all the way around.

Kim C. and Nathan D.


It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing to highly recommend the energy services of US Energy Experts, LLC to any commercial account.

I have been working with them for the past five years and have always been completely satisfied with their performance. Our clients who have used their consultation and energy services have commented on the annual savings provided. Some customers have up to 20 % savings. In addition, they provide a no cost energy analysis to help them understand their costs.

Neil A.

Engineers / Surveyors / Land Planners

Mr. and Mrs. Coleman have assisted me with my energy for my home and my business for many years. I have referred them to many people. Upon some referrals I did get a referral that was awesome! If I’ve called them their turn around has been pretty fast, at most a couple days. They have helped look over my bill, decide upon an energy company, and helped me save money over the years. So much money that the impact has been noticeable especially when I first started using them when my electric bill was insane. They taught me how to get better deals and sometimes when it was best to move on with a new company at a new rate because they would not be able to get it lower being a new client at a new energy company. They were honest and very helpful and I still use their services. Thank you so much for all the time, help, and the best customer service I’ve gotten yet. You helped many of my clients and friends save a lot of money as well and I appreciate you. Y’all do really know how to do your work.

Dede C.

My Favorite Groomer LLC.
USAF Veteran

Fossil Creek Comet is a small Dry Cleaner. For about 10 years now we have looked to Freddie Colman (Retail Energy Provider)
to keep us with the most economical electric energy available. He is always out in front of our contracts end with his recommendations to keep us in that mode. We couldn’t be more pleased with the service he provides.
Kind Regards;

Ken New

Part Owner
Fossil Creek Comet

It is my distinct pleasure to endorse the founders of US Energy Experts, Freddie & Yvonda Coleman. ISG Illumination Systems (ISG) was founded in May of 1988. During our 30 years of being in business, we have served companies in 56 countries.
We have interface with companies in multiple industries and all of our encounters have been with “C” level managers.
I have worked intensely with Freddie Coleman, the CEO of US Energy Experts on daily bases since December of 2017. Freddie and I have and will continue to engage his clients as well as mine for a great deal longer. I have found Mr. Coleman to be man of great intelligence and having a very strong work ethic. Freddie’s integrity and his skillsets are nothing short of impeccable.
ISG and US Energy Experts will be working together on our perspective client projects for the next 10 years. Our client base covers throughout North America.
My best,

Ken Blow

ISG Illumination Systems, LLC

From our 1st interaction with Freddie Coleman, CEO of USEE and his team, we have experienced tremendous cost savings on our energy bills. In fact, our bills have been reduced by approximately 2/3rd of our original bills and has maintained that level for over 3 years. Up until that time, we were at the mercy of whatever "Big Energy" felt they needed to charge. This resulted in continuous rate increases. Thanks to Freddie and his efficient team, those days are long gone.

Jim Talbot

CEO/ President
J.P. Talbot Companies, Inc. &
Talbot, Willis, Burton & Finney Inc.

If I had to rate Freddie Coleman (US Energy Experts) out of five stars, he would easily get six. He provides services for my place of employment. In the seven years that I have known Mr. Coleman, he remained professional, consistent, and an overall great guy. He makes it a point to speak to our staff when he stops by. Mr. Coleman also makes sure to check on our boss to see how he is doing. I would definitely recommend his business to anyone looking for a great energy company.

Virgie H.

Restaurant Industry

I have had the great pleasure to know and work with Freddie Coleman for over 20 years. He has always exceeded my expectations and delivers on his commitments. He is a great listener and takes charge and gets things done. His passion for excellence if contagious and he will do whatever is necessary to accomplish his mission. I have no reservations in recommending Freddie and US Energy Experts and look forward to working with him in the future.

John Myller

National Fleet Sales Manager

Having been associated with Freddie on a personal level for more than 21 years, I’ve watched and witnessed his tenacity to get things done and done right the first time. Just as in his personal quest to be the best, I’ve seen what he has done through his leadership to make U.S. Energy Experts, a company that has gained the trust of companies of various sizes and proportions.
U.S. Energy Experts brings caring, compassion and a comprehensive business model that help its clients realize significant savings on their bottom line expenditures through a consultative approach. This realized savings are then used to invest back into the client’s core business.
If you’re looking for an honest partner to help with your energy needs, then look no further than U.S. Energy Experts. It’s worth a no commitment consultation from Freddie or one of his professional team members.

Will J.

Business Associate and Friend



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