Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do I have to choose a new electricity provider?

No, if you choose not to switch, you will remain with your current supplier. However, since deregulation, the choice is yours and you should leverage your options by aligning with the best supplier for your business and residential needs.

Will I still have the same reliable electricity service?

Yes, your local electric utility will still deliver the electricity over the same power lines and using the same meter. The only difference you should notice is lower monthly bills.

Why Choose US Energy Experts LLC?

We make managing your electricity costs simple. With our years of experience in the deregulated markets across North America, we take away the hassles and deliver peace of mind. This allows our customers to focus on what’s most important to them—running their core business.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply fax a copy of your most recent electricity bill or if you want to discuss your particular situation in more detail, please call us today!



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What Our Clients Are Sharing

It has been our pleasure to work with US Energy Experts for almost 7 years now. They have been instrumental in researching and procuring extremely competitive energy resources for our multiple operating locations, as well as our corporate office. Freddie and his team have been proactive in communicating expected market conditions, contract renewals, and opportunities for bundling our energy requirements for the best possible pricing. We have benefitted from their expertise and resourcefulness in procuring our energy solutions and we look forward to a continued relationship with US Energy Experts.

Adam R.

Chief Executive Officer, Restaurant Industry

US Energy Experts

US Energy Experts LLC was established in 2009 by Freddie Coleman III. Created with a mission of helping businesses and residential clients save money through the deregulation of Electricity and Natural Gas. Our reputation of honesty, integrity and educating the customer are paramount in delivering quality service.





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