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About Commercial Energy Consulting

About Our Company in Texas

US Energy Experts LLC was established in 2009 by Freddie Coleman III. Created with a mission of helping businesses, large and small, and residential clients save money through the deregulation of Electricity and Natural Gas; our reputation of honesty, integrity and the education of the customer has allowed US Energy Experts LLC to grow our operations. We continue to grow as more states deregulate. It is our commitment to the customer that sets us apart from the rest:  reducing your energy costs.

Energy Bill

Our Value Proposition

At US Energy Experts LLC, we strive to deliver value to our customers in three ways:

Peace of Mind – the rate you pay for electricity will not increase throughout the term of your agreement.

Budgeting Stability – you can project your electricity costs with absolute certainty for up to five full years!

Potential Savings – if market rates rise above your protected price, you begin to capture savings right away!

Helping You Understand Energy Costs

We understand that the majority of business owners and home owners have limited knowledge related to the benefits of the deregulation market. That's why US Energy Experts LLC offers each customer a free, no-obligation Energy Bill Analysis. The information retrieved from this analysis allows us to better educate the customer while creating a strategy for savings. We will even teach you how to read your bill with a greater understanding of the charges incurred.  

Deregulation gives you a choice.  Our services provide you, the customer, with the opportunity to save big! US Energy Experts LLC secures custom energy rates from several prestigious retail energy providers.  Thus, allowing us the ability to get your business and/or home a lower, competitive rate and terms aligned with your specific energy requirements.  In many cases, our customers are saving up to 30% or better over their current provider. Many commercial and residential customers stay with the same provider due to lack of information and knowledge. We give you the tools you need to make an informed decision, but the rest is up to you. Are you ready to save?