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In-Depth Electricity Analysis

US Energy Experts LLC provides electricity analysis and natural gas analysis services.  We are dedicated to helping you choose the best energy solutions for your budget and will provide a honest, no-obligation electricity analysis by examining your current energy bills. We understand that most people do not have the knowledge to identify when they are being overcharged. In fact, 98% of people do not know how to read their energy bills. That’s why our company makes educating our customers the first priority. 

Greater Electricity Savings

By converting your most recent electric bill into a comparable spreadsheet, we determine what you are currently paying and how much we help you lower your costs.

Free Analysis

US Energy Experts LLC helps you reduce your monthly energy costs and reap amazing savings. Our company offers free electricity analysis and natural gas analysis for both residential and commercial properties. Entirely free from bias, we exist to help you find energy solutions and cease paying more than you should. It’s that simple.

You’ll Be Amazed by How Much You Can Save!

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Comprehensive Data Service

If at any time during the term of your contract (6 to 60 months) you feel your bill has fluctuated in costs, then contact us right away. We do the research necessary to ensure you are not being overcharged. You have nothing to lose!

Bill Assessment

Allow us to educate your company and/or household on easy and accessible monthly energy savings. Based in Dallas, Texas, US Energy Experts LLC helps commercial and residential clients lower their energy costs.

Get a free bill assessment of your opportunity for energy savings in one of two easy ways: Fax a copy of a recent electricity bill to: (214) 988-5220 or scan a copy of a recent electricity bill and e-mail it to: info@useellc.com

Once you submit your information, we’ll perform the assessment and return it to you within 48 hours. We welcome the opportunity to try to help you capture your cost savings and improve your peace of mind.

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